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Blastronix is a manufacturer of high-end multiport PCI I/O cards with over 20 years of experience in designing RS 232 and RS 422/485 serial port cards.  We have a full line of PCI and ISA products ranging from 2 ports on up to 16 ports.  Our company is armed with knowledgeable technical support team to provide you with free unlimited help.  We also provide engineering services to design custom products to fit just about any I/O application you desire. Our products come with custom drivers to make your installation easy and hassle free.

Competitively priced and backed by our unique warranty, Blastronix' reliable I/O multiple boards are used in more than half of all broadcast facilities in the U.S. as well as many other countries. Contact us today by phone, fax, or email to learn how our I/O solutions can meet your needs.

Announcing New 32-Bit Programmable GPIO Card -- Learn More

32-bit programmable GPIO PCI card, 32 bits GPIO

Blastronix produces a full line of quality PCI ISA, and GPIO products ranging from 2 ports to 16 ports and 32 bits of GPIO.

We also provide customized engineering so please contact us if you need a specialized board built to your individual specs. We stand behind our products and as a result, have built a loyal customer base over the years. Blastronix can meet all your PCI and ISA serial board needs!



















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